Valesh Durai

A roguish tinkerer who seeks fame and fortune.


Black sheep of the noble house Durai. Val enjoys tinkering with the technologies of Khem, enough so to built his own arcane construct.


An excerpt from the accounts of Montgomery Remington Coggsworth, Knight of the Granite Order, Founder of the Shale Dragoons, Keeper of the Semi-Precious Stones and other exotic dancers etc,etc, on the character motivations of his most esteemed creator, Valesh Durai

Chapter 423: Fortune and Glory Coggsie, Fortune and Glory

At the time of the sudden and unanticipated death of his father, Valesh was living in quite the precarious and all be it, uncomfortable position of living in a noble house in which both is step-mother and half siblings thought of him as little more than an bothersome bastard, though this sentiment was never made in public of course. After his father’s death and the transition of noble power to these relatives, it was only a matter of time before Valesh took up residence outside of the Deri estate. He was not cast out onto the street penniless and homeless of course, for such an act would have brought social scorn and would appear far too spiteful in noble circles. It would risk the good name of Deri in the capitol for such fodder is the ambrosia of bored noble gossips.

He was given a modest dwelling (modest to a noble at least) and living stipend so that he did not need to hold down employment. But to live out a life under such conditions would never have taken hold in one such as Val. To stay under such conditions would have been a slow death sentence of a long life of insignificant meaning little better than a commoner… Worse even in the mind of Val. For he was beneath the nobles yet above the commoners, and in such a predicament there are only two real choices, up or down. And Valesh would never choose down. So it was after the morning period for his father was concluded that he sat me down and said “Fortune and glory Coggsie, fortune and glory is the only choice we have”. The next day we left the capitol city…

Valesh Durai

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