Branded a heretic, he fled into the desert and became something more than human.


A former member of The Hand, Lokhen was exiled after it was discovered that he was secretly a follower of Kulüth. Believing that powers above should have no direct control over the people below, Lokhen was constantly questioning the commands of those ranking above him. After finally being confronted about his true beliefs, he escaped from the potentially violent execution from The Hand by setting fire to the building he was occupying at the time and fleeing the city. The Hand did not want to admit that there was a follower of Kulüth alive and free in the world, so it was only ever publicized that a “troublesome member” had been exiled after questioning authority too many times. Fearing for his life, he fled north, into the sands of Rakuvec.

Unwilling to let a blasphemous traitor slip through their fingers, an Inquisitor of the Guardian’s Hand was dispatched to eliminate him – Silas Tembril, a man known for his unrelenting zeal. Since the day Lokhen escaped, Tembril has hounded his every step, pursuing him even as he fled to the Dunes of Wild Magic.


Legends of Ridian Ithzerian